Design and Philosophy

The unique design of Gross furnishing fabrics springs from a set of core values, rooted in the Italian tradition of taste and style.

Each visual composition comes from the art of giving a new identity to the most ancient and refined textile creations.

All the furnishing fabrics are created, for Gross exclusively, by the best Italian and international designers: a precious collection of textile materials, revisited with a contemporary touch, to meet the trends and needs of today’s market.

Tradition, craftsmanship and innovation

The art of giving new life to the most ancient and refined textile creations is the historic value at the core of Gross philosophy.

Every creation is the result of an exquisite mix between the past and the present, a blending of elegance, from the most genuine handcrafted fabric tradition, and innovation, from the most advanced technologies for manufacturing production.

Innovation in line with tradition: this is the philosophy that has informed the research, style and production of Gross furnishing fabrics since 1961.